How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

My favorite way to start the day is sipping a cup of coffee while I get ready for work or school. It is just so relaxing for me! I recently had the opportunity to try some coffee from Cafe de Colombia, coffee straight from Colombia. They really value their coffee beans and are proud of the Colombian farmers that grow the beans.




They sent me an awesome coffee package including a small french press (one of my favorite ways to brew coffee), a mug, and coffee beans!


I wish you could smell these beans! They smell divine.


The coffee they sent me was a lighter roast. Normally I drink dark roast coffee, but this was a nice change.I made a cup of hot coffee the other morning, and it was one of the smoothest cups I’ve ever had. It had no bitterness at all and was actually creamy. To learn more about their coffee, check out their website: The Bean Bang Theory.

One of my favorite ways to drink coffee in the summer is cold-brewed. It is actually fairly easy!


French Press

Coarsely Ground Coffee

Cold Water



Step 1 – Measure out coffee grinds. For my large 34-oz french press, I scoop out 5 scoops of coffee and add it to the french press.

Step 2- Add cold water and stir


Step 3 – Cover with tin foil and let sit in the fridge overnight

Step 4 – Take out of fridge in the AM and stir again


Step 5 – Press the coffee!

Step 6 – Pour and enjoy! This is my absolute favorite way to make iced coffee.